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Takas 2008 - TRAKAI

1. 2008.06.20 (middle)
2. 2008.06.21 (long)
3. 2008.06.22 (middle)

Competition scheme

Competition information (PDF - 0,25 Mb)

The host town:

x West of Vilnius, among the hills, forests and lakes, the old town of Trakai is situated, which is well attended by residents of the country and foreign guests. Trakai attracts visitors as a marvellous place to have a rest from a hectic life of the capital, to take a walk in its beautiful environs or go yachting in one of its many lakes. More>>>


OK "Takas", OK "Dainava"


19 June Arrival, registration in the Event centre 15.00 - 20.00
20 June Arrival, registration in the Competition centre 11.00 - 13.00
  1st day start (middle) 13.00
  Competition office is open in the Event centre 20.00 - 21.00
21 June 2nd day start (long) 10.00
  Competition office is open in the Event centre 18.00 - 20.00
  Sailing with the ship in Galvė lake 18.00 - 20.00
  Action "Let's clean nature!" with Soroptimist club 18.00 - 20.00
  Prize giving ceremony for 1st and 2nd days 20.00
22 June 3rd day start (middle) 10.00
  Closing ceremony, prize giving ceremony 14.00

Classes, preliminary courses:

km    KP
km    KP
km   KP
H21E 7,1km 19KP 12,5km 21KP 7,7km 25KP
D21E, H18 5,5km 15KP 9,2km 21KP 6,3km 21KP
H21S 5,4km 15KP 7,1km 21KP 5,9km 19KP
H35, H40 5,3km 16KP 8,0km 20KP 6,6km 22KP
H45, H50 4,5km 15KP 6,9km 20KP 5,9km 17KP
D21S, D35, D40 4,3km 15KP 5,3km 16KP 4,9km 16KP
H16, D18 4,3km 14KP 6,7km 19KP 5,2km 16KP
H21N 4,0km 9KP 5,7km 14KP 4,2km 13KP
D21N 3,0km 7KP 4,0km 13KP 3,2km 9KP
D16, D50 3,9km 13KP 5,2km 15KP 4,3km 14KP
H55, H60, D45 4,0km 14KP 5,5km 14KP 4,7km 14KP
D55, D60, H65, H70 3,7km 13KP 4,2km 14KP 3,8km 12KP
D65, D70 2,5km 9KP 3,7km 14KP 3,1km 12KP
H14 2,9km 9KP 4,3km 14KP 3,9km 13KP
D14 2,5km 8KP 3,6km 8KP 3,3km 9KP
H12A, D12A 2,2km 7KP 2,5km 7KP 2,5km 7KP
H12B, D12B* 2,5km 5KP 3,0km 6KP 3,5km 5KP
H10, D10* 2,4km 4KP 2,6km 4KP 2,8km 4KP
MTBO D, HA 9,0km 9KP 11,4km 8KP 10,0km 6KP
MTBO H 13,0km 12KP 14,9km 9KP 13,5km 7KP
H8, D8*

0,3 - 0,5km

DIR 1 4,6km 15KP 6,2km 18KP 6,5km 23KP
DIR 2 3,6km 12KP 5,3km 16KP 4,8km 14KP
DIR 3 2,5km 9KP 4,2km 14KP 3,7km 10KP

*H8,D8 - taped courses with special map.
*H10,D10 - taped courses (controls on the line).
*H12B,D12B - taped courses (controls near the line).
Organizers reserve the right to unite groups if registered participants there be less than 10.
Open courses (DIR) - the course without advance registration and without start list. Participants start from S1 start in suitable for them time. Start fee 12Lt per day, it must be paid in start.

Entry fees:

PAYMENT DATES H/D8 H/D10-18   H/D21-55 H/D60-70


till 01.06.2008 6 € / 21Lt 10€ / 35Lt 20€ / 69Lt 14,8€ / 51Lt
till 08.06.2008 7€ / 24Lt 11€ / 38Lt 22€ / 75Lt 16,2€ / 57Lt
after 08.06. 2008 8,7€ / 30Lt 14,5€ / 50Lt 29€ / 100Lt 22€ / 75Lt

The rent of SportIdent - 1Lt/per day for schoolchildren and 3Lt/per day for others. Runners who lost or fail to return SI card must pay a non-return charge of 80-150Lt.
Start fee must be paid to Bank AB Hansabankas, bank code 73000, SWIFT HABA LT22, account number LT517300010034297271, organization code 193156286. The other fees can be paid during registration.
Discount for families with 3 and more persons (necessary to notice it in entries) - 20%. For participants, who were registered, but hadn't come, during registration will be returned 50% of start fee.
School age paticipants, who will run in D/H21N class, will pay as H/D 10-18 classes.
Online registration:
e-mail registration:

Event centre:

TAKAS 2008 Event centre will be situated in camping near Trakai - "Kempingas slėnyje".


It is possible to use organizers' buses to reach competition centres. It must be booked in advance.
Bus ticket price - 6 Lt/person/day.
Parking fee for cars - 10 Lt/car.


Organizers offer accommodation in camping in your own tents, caravans or rooms. Price list.
Accommodation booking

Leisure time:

After the second day competition organizers offer to sail with the ship in the lake "Galvė". It will be unique opportunity to watch wonderful landscape and historical sites of Trakai from the middle of the lake. Ticket price - 20 Lt/person. The ship will sail on 21 June, at 18:00, from camping's pier. Duration ~2 h. Accurate information will be announced in the Event centre.

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